Veritas Electric Guitar String, Light - Heavy (9-46)

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VERITASâ„¢ Electric Guitar Strings maintain their tone, tuning stability and intonation thanks to our Coated Core Technologyâ„¢, a process of coating the round core wire, which locks the wrap wire in place and extends string life by protecting the core from corrosion. A Quantum Nickelâ„¢ wrap wire delivers more power, brighter tone and greater flexibility and responsiveness. All VERITASâ„¢ sets include both standard plain steel AND Xenon Power-Plainâ„¢ strings, which have increased output to balance with the wound strings. <> Patented core for extended life <> Quantum Nickel wrap for increased power <> Non-slip grooves for stability and intonation <> Raw power <> Huge bends <> Crushing tone <> String Length: 38" <> Material: Quantum Nickel. Round Core Wire reinforced with Accurate Core Technologyâ„¢. New XENONâ„¢ power-plainâ„¢ strings to complement the higher output of the VERITASâ„¢ wounds. <> 9 11 16 26 36 46

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