Trainr Pro Case with Unequal Technology for Apple iPhone 8+ / 7+ / 6+ / 6+

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Trainr Proa high performance smartphone case designed for the active lifestyle. Featuring lightweight sport-grip materials for your iPhone 7 Plus, a durable clear back, and Unequal's patented battle-ready composite padding, Trainr Pro is fit for any situation. Trainr Pro takes it to the next level with a one-of-a-kind removable armband. In a snap, your phone transitions from everyday use to workout ready, and right back again when the workout is over.

  • Clear polycarbonate back to protect and show off your device
  • Durable sport-grip elastomer for a secure hold, even with the most active use
  • Shock-absorbing composite by Unequal Technologies protects your device from impact

Trainr Pro features the same type of lightweight, high-grip elastomer used in fitness wearables, making it more comfortable and easy to get a grip on your phone in any situation. This one-of-a-kind armband actually works the way you want. No more bulky, awkward armbands that take so much time to set up you lose all motivation. Just snap your Trainr case into the armband and you're ready to go!

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