Thirsty Plant Kit Educational Stem Toy Ages 8+

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Build a solar powered sensor that lights up when your plant needs water.  Learn about solar power. Make circuits. Get messy with plaster-of-paris. Make your own moisture sensor out of plaster of paris and nails. Twist together your circuit and power it all with a solar panel that will tell an LED to flash when your plants need watering. Good for ages 8+. Suitable for beginners. Can be hacked by more advanced makers with Arduino. Great introduction to electronics. Before you attach your solar panel to your circuit, feel the suns power by placing the wires onto your tongue and enjoying the buzz! Learn how to make a simple circuit using basic electronics. No soldering required to keep your plants happy! Use the principles learnt in this kit to make more sensors around your space as well as circuits that have a practical application to help simplify your life. Use an Arduino microcontroller to create automatic watering cans or plants that tweet when they're thirsty - the world of sensors and gardening is your oyster!
  • Kids build a solar-powered moisture sensor to tell them when their plant needs water
  • Perfect introduction to circuits and powering electronics without batteries
  • Kids learn about sensors, conductivity and building circuits

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