Plugo Tunes Augmented Reality Music Learning Kit Ages 4+

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Plugo Tunes reliably attracts small beginners to play the piano and it helps them overcome their usual reluctance to practice and learn music.

How can Tunes do that? It has more than one ace up its sleeve – learning to play in the form of completing fun tasks and following interactive instructions in an elaborate and motivating application.

Plugo Tunes is an interactive piano for children that connects to your tablet. Plugo gaming system is fueled with the power of Augmented Reality. It is a STEM educational tool and a fun toy at the same time. Children learn music, to play familiar melodies or even to compose their own music.

Plugo companion app (on your device) reads each movement and shows instant feedback and contains a large number of fun games at levels tailored to children between the ages of 4 and 9. The set includes a Piano, Musical Pops and Gamepad with a slot for attaching a tablet or smartphone, which completes the entire Plugo gaming system.

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