Saramonic SMARTMIC-MTV500 USB Desktop Microphone

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The Saramonic SmartMic MTV500 is an USB microphone that delivers a professional, broadcast-quality sound to your computer in a variety of applications, such as home-recording, studio, podcasting and much more. Easy-to-operate,gain control,mute button features, you can create a clear and ample audio as you wish. The SmartMic MTV500 also incorporates real-time monitoring features, like a built-in headphone jack with a volume control, allowing you to directly monitor zero-latency microphone signal. No need to install any driver,the SmartMic MTV500 can be directly connected to the computer throught the supplied cable. • To get optimum sound performance,adjust the microphone’s pick • To get optimum sound performance,adjust the microphone’s pick-up angle.For maximum clarity and intelligibility,position the microphone pointed directly at the subject’s mounth. • Before adjusting the angle,slighting loosen the knobs.Avoid tightening or loosening knobs with great force as it might damage the screw threads • Always mount the pop filter to avoid plosive when recording

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