RHA T20 Wireless In-Ear Headphones With Detachable Cables

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The T20 Wireless In-Ear Headphones from RHA deliver high-fidelity sound backed by DualCoil technology, which provides music with both power and depth that equally focuses on bass, mid, and treble frequencies. They pair with your device using Bluetooth 4.1, which has an operational range of 32.8', or take advantage of wired 3.5mm connectivity with the included OFC cable. The earpieces feature a frequency range of 16 Hz to 40 kHz, an impedance of 16 ohms, a sensitivity of 90 dB, and are rated for 2mW of power, but can deliver up to 5mW. Detachable stainless steel housings provide durability, and a universal remote and microphone are also integrated. Other features include a SecureFlex neckband and aptX codec support.


High-Resolution DualCoil Drivers

The DualCoil driver is an upgrade of the standard dynamic driver, with an additional voice coil and custom diaphragm. This configuration delivers equal focus to bass, mid, and treble frequencies. The DualCoil produces music with both power and depth, allowing for true-to-life audio without distortion.

Listen Your Way

Modify the sound signature of your audio with swappable tuning filters. Bass filters add extra power to hip hop or EDM anthems, while treble filters heighten details in acoustic or classical recordings. For original sound as the artist intended, use Reference filters.

Wired or Wireless

Listen from almost any location, no matter what you're doing. The T20 Wireless has both a 3.5mm connection for high-resolution audio and a flexible Bluetooth neckband. Compatible with the high-fidelity aptX codec and a 12-hour battery life, RHA's SecureFlex neckband enables you to enjoy high-quality audio.

Built for Comfort

Distinctive and refined, the stainless-steel T20 Wireless in-ear monitors were designed to fit while reducing. With a shape achieved using injection molding, the housings block external noise sources for greater immersion.

Find Your Fit

The T20 Wireless comes with 10 pairs of eartips in a variety of shapes and sizes. Included are noise isolating dual density and secure double flange silicone tips. Advanced Comply Foam tips enable an improved in-ear fit, while a stainless-steel eartip holder is provided to store tips with ease.

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