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The Thorens TD 148A sets the standard in technology and design for premium, fully automatic turntables. A high-quality plinth, precise glass platter and new tonearm derived from our High End TP-92 come together in a beautifully modern design, reminiscent of heritage Thorens turntables like the famous TD160MKI and MKII. Bring home a modern classic today.

The Thorens TD148A is a precision instrument for the purpose of accurately playing back analogue records. Designed and assembled completely in Germany with the highest quality standards, the TD148A will give its new owner years of worry-free musical joy.

Though one of the newest members of the Thorens family, knowledgeable amateurs of analogue LP transcription turntables will immediately recognize its lines and design is clearly Thorens, reminiscent of heritage favorites like the TD160 of the early 1970’s.

But along with its classic lines is innovation that would bring any heritage classic into modern standards.

 Top quality wood plinth; floating sub chassis construction; polished and precision belt; and a new tonearm whose lineage comes from Thorens’ high end TP-92 tonearm fitted with a Thorens TAS267 moving magnet cartridge.

Together with the tried and true mechanical and fully automatic playing system of the TD148A, this turntable will give its owner hassle free use from the start of the record to its end, without ever having the need to delicately handle arm and cartridge- all done safely and automatically. All this without giving up the quality experience one expects from the world’s oldest consumer electronics manufacturer. The TD148A is a true joy to use, own, and to proudly showcase.


•Fully automatic turntable

•Three speed design: 33,3/ 45/ 78 rpm

•Polished precision belt

•“Floating” Chassis

•Glass platter with exact guide

•Optimized tonearm

•Cartridge TAS 267 preinstalled

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