Monster Classic Microphone Cables - Silver Contact XLRs, 20 feet

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Monster's heritage is deeply rooted in music, and for years, the Prolink series has been our direct connection to the artists, producers, and engineers that make the music we listen to. Monster Performer 600 Microphone Cable sets the standard in microphone cables that's why it's trusted in the music industry. Professionals know that microphone signals are the most sensitive and delicate audio connections. Even the slightest pickup of hum, static, RF, or electromagnetic interference can cause trouble. But with Monster Performer 600 mic cables, you'll get clean, superb vocal and instrument sound. These cables have been engineered using advanced technologies and tested to provide long-term use. It's available in 5-, 10-, 20-, and 30-foot lengths. Get plugged in and ready for the stage with Monster Performer 600. <> Performance ready: monster's microphone cable delivers the clean, crisp sound needed for both studio recording and live performances; it's built for the professional musician who wants premium quality at the right price <> Signal interference shield: boasting a multitwist construction, ths classic microphone cable is less sensitive to interference such as power transformers and adjacent cables to deliver super-clear vocals every time <> Made for wear-and-tear: this microphone cable features our duraflex outer jacket, which provides maximum flexibility and protection; it resists slicing and abrasions and is lightweight so it's easy to manage onstage <> XLR compatible cable: our professional microphone cable features the monster nickel-plated XLR connector; it is compatible with 3-pin XLR connector equipment like speaker systems, studio harmonizers, and mixer boards

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