Mix and Match Augmented Reality Monsters Buddies Ages 3+

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Mix 'n' match or play with it unchanged, Minglings Monster are here to take you to their happy place! Take a ride for an adventure of a lifetime with Mingling buddies who will play several interesting games along the way.


If the goal is to make your child future savvy, it's time you realize that skills like innovation, original thinking and unrestrictive imagination are much needed.

To cultivate his versatility, Minglings is what you need to help foster these traits through its entertaining gameplay at every step. Minglings has been crafted with love on wood with 100% safe and child-friendly magnet embeds. Make your own combo's or not, create your own buddies for endless hours of engaging gameplay.


  • iPad 2 and above
  • iPhone 6 and above
  • Kindle 8 and above
  • Android devices with 3 GB+ RAM


  • Download the app from iOS App Store or Android Play Store and sync all your favourite categories.
  • Mix-match to create your own Minglings.
  • Scan your creations and bring them to life!

Learn, play and make new friends.

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