Joyo Technologies Ironman Wild Boost - Drive Booster Electric Guitar Single Effect

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The Joyo Wild Boost JF-302 is part of the much anticipated Ironman series: well built tiny tone machines that are guaranteed to surprise with their sound quality and price point. The Joyo JF-302 Wild Boost is a boost with attitude. Takes your tones to a more aggressive stance than a typical clean boost. The tone is akin to a overdrive with a throaty roar on top. Two EQ controls give you fine grain control on the tonal character of your sound. One special feature of the Ironman series is the cover that flips over the controls to protect your carefully dialed in settings from getting changed accidentally. Set it and forget it! A nice little bonus is the LED light glows through the cover when engaged for a cool visual effect. <>Flippable cover design to protect your settings. <>True Bypass <>Volume, Drive, High, and Low EQ controls <>Sturdy and solid. These were made to last. <>Dimensions: 1 1/2" W x 2 3/4" H x 1 1/2" D <>Uses a standard Boss style 9V AC Adapter

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