Incase Designs Corp ICON Sleeve with Tensaerlite for iPad Air or Air 2, Black / Slate

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This black and slate ICON Sleeve with Tensaerlite from Incase provides excellent corner and side protection for an iPad Air or iPad Air 2 placed within it due to its strong, yet supple Tensaerlite frame. Made of an EVA rubber, the shock-absorbing frame prevents impacts and everyday bumps from showing up as dents along the sides your iPad Air. The sleeve protects the front and back flat surfaces of an iPad Air with a lightweight, neoprene shell that is tightly stitched along the inner edges of the frame. Your iPad Air can be easily inserted and removed from the sleeve through a top lip that peels away from the frame and is secured shut with a magnetic closure. While inside the sleeve, the screen of your iPad Air is further safeguarded with a soft, nonabrasive fur-textured inner panel.

  • Lightweight neoprene shell helps keep the front and back surfaces of an iPad Air or iPad Air 2 free from scratches and dirt
  • Tensaerlite frame provide shock absorption for protection against impacts and everyday bumps
  • Soft, nonabrasive fur-textured inner panel protects an iPad Air's screen from scratches
  • Magnetic closure secures the contents of the sleeve

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