Electro Dough Fantasy Kit Ages 4+

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Come up with fantasy characters and bring them to life with the help of electrical circuits, illuminated LEDs and conductive clay. The  Electro Dough Fantasy kit teaches your child how electricity works.

-  Stimulates creativity and verbal skills
- Build, play and learn at the same time
- All  components of the set are reusable

With the Electro Dough Fantasy set, children not only create and shape the creatures of their imaginations into reality. They also develop their ability to form new ideas, their critical thinking skills, and gain insight into how electrical circuits work - all through fantasy play and imaginary play. 

Unique learning opportunities

The Fantasy kit comes with a wide variety of pop-out card designs, clay colors and accessories, so that children can let their imaginations run wild. The kit components are 100% reusable, so fun and creativity never end.

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