Pigtronix EMTP Moon Pool Analog Phase Shifter And Tremolo Effect Pedal With Depth And Sensitivity Controls

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Moon Pool is an analog phase shifter and tremolo with independent speed controls featuring the ability to change the rate of one or both of the effects in either direction, corresponding to how hard you play. The 4-stage, VCA-based phaser and variable bias tremolo found in the Moon Pool can each be run as standalone effects or they can be combined in series for a mesmerizing mashup of modulators. A global Depth knob determines overall wetness, while a Sensitivity knob allows you to dial in the responsiveness of these changes to accommodate different playing styles and colors. Runs on standard 9VDC. DYNAMICALLY-RESPONSIVE, WIDE-RANGE DUAL LFO'S Moon Pool features a pair of LFOs that can be independently modulated by the amplitude of your playing. Engaging the dynamics switches enables these LFOs to travel well beyond normal limits, creating wild FM tones at maximum speed and gradually evolving textures when slowed way down. Equal parts out-of-this-world and inherently musical. GET LOST IN THE SLOSH Sometimes, you gotta kick off your moon boots, slip into a moon pool, pour yourself a moon juice, and get lost in the slosh.


  • Phase Speed: Sets the rate of modulation for the phaser.
  • Trem Speed: Sets the rate of modulation for the tremolo.
  • Depth: Sets the intensity of both the phaser and tremolo.
  • Sens.: Determines how much signal is required to change the speed of both phaser and trem when dynamics processing is turned on.
  • Trem / Phase (Three-Way Toggle): Up = trem engaged, Center = both engaged, Down = phaser engaged
  • Phaser Dyn. (Three-Way Toggle): Up = phaser speed increases in response to playing dynamic, Middle = no change, Down = decreases
  • Trem Dyn. (Three-Way Toggle): Up = trem speed increases in response to playing dynamic, Middle = no change, Down = decreases

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