Saramonic WiTalk-SMH Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom Single-Ear Master Headset (1.9 GHz)

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The Saramonic WiTalk-SMH Headset is a single-ear master headset designed to work with up to 4 remote WiTalk headsets (available separately) as part of a hub-free communication system for up to 5 people. The system provides reliable transmission to all the wireless headsets at a line-of-sight range of up to 1312'—making it well suited for a variety of applications including public and sporting events, film and video production, project coordination, and much more. The single-ear design leaves the other ear free to monitor the surrounding environment, for increased situational awareness while supplying all-day wearing comfort in a true-wireless design with no bodypack required. The headset is powered by its included rechargeable lithium-ion battery; a USB charging cable and clamshell case are also provided. The system can be expanded with a hub to accommodate 9 users, while adding a second hub provides intercom access to 17 users. Lightweight and Comfortable Headset with Adjustable Boom Mic Arm and Rotatable Earcup The WiTalk-SMH adjustable single-ear master headset is designed to be incredibly comfortable and extremely lightweight. It features a soft breathable leatherette earpad, enabling you to comfortably wear the headset for a long production. It features a microphone boom arm with 270° swivel, adjustable headband, rotatable earcup, and allows you to configure the headset with the mic on your left or right side. Hands-Free Operation with Easy-to-Access Controls when Needed The WiTalk-SMH is truly hands-free, allowing you to work and communicate with ease, and without reaching for a push-to-talk button every time you need to speak. The headset lets you communicate clearly and not worry about unneeded controls. When you need to mute your microphone, it's just as easy as flipping the gooseneck mic up or pressing mute on the earcup controller. Volume adjustments are just as simple, with easy to find up-and-down buttons on the controller. Intelligent Design for Focused High-Quality Sound High-quality sound is just as important as range and comfort with intercom systems, especially when working in a noisy environment like a concert or sporting event. The WiTalk-SMH is designed with sound quality as its highest priority, delivering high-resolution sound with a 65 dB signal-to-noise ratio and a frequency response tailored for the human voice. The microphone is designed to filter out extraneous audio, so you're not transmitting anything but your team's communication. The over-the-ear earcup helps to block out external noises. Rely on Extended Range and Power, Indoors and Out Operating in the less-congested 1.9 GHz spectrum, the WiTalk system delivers a high-quality signal and extended range, without interference. It features a working range of up to 1312' line of sight, giving your team the freedom to work in large venues or locations, while still in communication. A full system battery charge gives you a long runtime of up to 10 hours when using 2 remote headsets or 5 hours with 4 remote headsets. Additional inexpensive WiTalk-BP batteries are available separately, allowing you to have more power on hand when you need it. The headset features a USB-C port to power and charge the system while in use with USB battery packs or power supplies. • Production Crew Communication • Use with up to 4 Remote Headsets • True-Wireless Design, No Bodypack Needed • No Hub Required • Adjustable Boom, Automutes when Up • Full-Duplex Communication up to 1312' • Breathable Isolating Leatherette Earpads • Includes Rechargeable Battery • Includes USB Cable

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