Heritage Audio SUPER-8 8-channel Microphone Preamplifier With 24-bit / 192kHz D/A

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An all-in-one design to professionally capture and record up to 8 signals. Never before has it been so easy to get that vibey, classic sound and instantly have it digitized and sent on to a DAW. With this extremely portable unit you can take your rig anywhere while assuring the best results possible. With the possibilities of capturing MIC, LINE or INSTRUMENT level signals all the bases are covered. The built in analog to digital converter uses the latest technology to offer pristine conversion at a user selectable sampling frequency. The Súper 8 can either be the Master or Slaved to another unit as there is a BNC IN & OUT for reliable syncing. It even offeres an alternate route to the converter via a DB25 connector to expand the unit´s flexibility. The Súper 8 offers a fantastic, compact solution for when several high quality preamps and top class conversion is needed. Using our Class A 73 Preamp building experience we were able to fit 8 MIC/Line preamps into a sturdy 2 unit rack. All 8 are faithful to our 3 stage all Class A design with Carnhill transformers fitted at the input and the output. The first two channels also include our high quality JFET DI as well as a fully sweepable Lo-cut filter. All 8 channels include switches for 48V, Line, Lo-cut(-3dB at 82Hz) and Phase. There is built in analog to digital conversion available on 3 different digital formats: ADAT, AES/EBU and SPDIF with BNC connectors for reliable word clock syncing. Selectable sampling frequencies from 44.1kH to 192kH. Not only can the MIC/Line Preamp outputs be directly sent to the DAC, but there also exists the possibility of choosing an alternative input, per channel, for the digital conversion, making this an extremely flexible unit. This can really come in handy if you need to output the preamps to an EQ or compressor before returning them for digital conversion. • 8 Class A 73 Style Preamps with 3 Stage design offering up to 80dB of Gain. • Exclusively designed Carnhill Transformers on the Input and Output. • High quality JFET D.I. before the Input Transformer on first 2 Channels. • Sweepable LoCut filter on first 2 Channels. • Premium 24Bit/192kHz 8 Channel ADC. • ADAT, SPDIF, AES/EBU Digital Output options. • Analog Inputs & Outputs on Gold Plated XLRs as well as DB25 Connectors. • Alternate Input path to ADC available.

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